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Name:A Day In My Life In Photos
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Ever want to take a peek into someone else's life? Ever want to share a piece of your life with the internet at large?

A Day In My Life is the comm for you! From the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to sleep (or as close to as practical), you'll document your day with photos, then share them with us.

Take photos of what you're doing, seeing, eating, at least one photo an hour during your day. Preferably more! Time checks are awesome, too, as are amusing captions. But really, it's about sharing your day with the rest of us. It doesn't have to be a special day, sometimes those regular days where you do your grocery shopping, tidy the garden and play with the dogs can be hilarious and amazing to others.

It's all about sharing YOUR world through YOUR lens.

1 Only one image outside of a cut, no bigger than 600x450.
2 Try to keep the total amount of pictures under 100, but this isn't as yet a hard and fast rule.
3 We don't need to SEE you peeing, or the results of anything else you did on the toilet, unless you dropped your phone in a clean bowl or something. In short - we don't need to see pee or poo.
4 Resize your pictures so that they're no bigger than 600x450.
5 No porn. Any images that do contain nudity, bared breasts/bums/bits need to come with a NSFW warning, but try to keep them to a minimum and only if necessary.
6 Tell us a story! Tell us about your day, what you did, what you saw, what you thought.
7 No trolling or spam.
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